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Hello action taker!


The author J.K. Rowling once said "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life"


Soul Centred Entrepreneur is an interview based podcast that explores what it takes to develop emotional strength and rise up from your rock bottom as a stronger, happier more purposeful version of you.


The features the stories of leaders, action takers, life changers and entrepreneurs on a mission to make a difference share how they overcame their own rock bottom and created a soul centred, passion-driven, life on their terms.


Many of my guests have experienced hard times such as bankruptcy, divorce, corporate burnout, depression or illness and some have just simply felt lost or stuck and without direction. But they all have one thing in common, they found the emotional strength to turn their lives around!



My vision for Soul Centred Entrepreneur is:

  • To explore emotional strength and the different ways we create and nurture it.

  • To promote the belief that emotional strength comes from within and is available to us all it's just a case of finding the spark to ignite it.

  • Sharing genuine and inspirational stories and strategies.

  • To inspire others to have the confidence to stand up, step out and follow their dreams or make a difference in their life.



Do you have a story to tell about emotional strength?  Have you overcome a problem or difficult time in your life or have you created something against the odds?


If this sounds like you then please spend a few minutes listening to one of my shows so you can be sure this format will work for you and you have a story to offer.



You can use the booking form on this page to schedule a time to talk.  Please read through the information on this page and you might find it helpful to download a copy too.


If the time difference is too great and you can't find anything to suit send me an email and I'll try to accommodate you.

I allow 30 minutes for recording so we can have a chat first and a margin for error or if the connection is poor.


The podcast is hosted on Soundcloud and Libsyn with feeds to Stitcher radio, iHeart radio, Google Play and of course iTunes.


I love creating a free flow unscripted chat but I do ask all my guests this question:- What does emotional strength mean to you?



There will be a chance for you to invite listeners to connect with you further, so think about how you would like to do this - either via your website, Facebook group, a free or paid offer. Interviews will be recorded in advance of release date sometimes up to 4 months and are intended to be evergreen so time-limited offers don't really work on this show.



An email containing links and social media images will be forwarded to you as your conversation goes live and I hope that you'll share widely and promote your involvement within your community including liking and sharing any posts created by me in which you feature.



If all this sounds good to you then book yourself a slot below and I look forward to talking with you!






Skype Id:- dianarickman


This collaboration is completely free of charge. When you record a conversation with me you can expect that I will edit and promote the conversation via various social media channels.


The show is transcribed and published through my website blog and excerpts are shared as part of an evergreen social media feed for 12 months along with your photo and any supporting media you provide. If you or your business experience significant change it is your responsibility to contact me.


I reserve the right to repurpose the show notes as part of an article, hard copy book, e-book or further promotion with full recognition to each participant.  This does not constitute a promise to do so or an agreement to enter into any financial reward for the same.

If you record a conversation with me you agree to waive all rights to the resulting recorded interview and transcription and any publicity or financial gain Soul Centred Entrepreneur may receive from the same.