• Diana Rickman

I can do it! Clearing limiting beliefs with EFT.

Do you have a goal in your life that you just can't seem to achieve? Or perhaps a behaviour that you can't change?

If the answer is yes then it's likely that hidden away in the background is a limiting belief.

These little saboteurs hide away in your brain reminding you how unsafe and hurtful it can be to act in a certain way.

Your limiting beliefs tell you something is impossible and so it is. That all the good men are taken and so you create scenarios where they are! Or that weight loss is too hard and so you sabotage a diet. Limiting beliefs are those negative thoughts you think over and over again.

They can seem very powerful because they're things you've thought for a long time. They come quite naturally. They keep you small and safe but often unfulfilled and sometimes create long term illness or depression.

That's why it's so important to identify your limiting beliefs. Once you find and understand them you can reduce or remove their influence.


Your limiting beliefs will have been created when you were quite young, probably in childhood. Using EFT it's possible to work with your emotional memory to enable you to create a new adult perspective.

Imagine a person who was scared by a dog as a child and formed the belief that all dogs are frightening. Back then they were at eye level with the dog and it was big and knocked them over. Ever since they've have had a fear of dogs of any size.

An adult perspective would be that not every dog is going to knock them over and they're much taller than most dogs and so they're not a threat in that way anymore.

Many beliefs are tied up in more complicated stories and a skilled practitioner will gently guide you through your memories and encourage positive emotions to enable you to move forward without experiencing pain or distress when remembering the events that created your belief.

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